KCC’s Branch County Community Chorus accepting new members

The Branch County Community Chorus

凯洛格社区学院’s Branch County Community Chorus is accepting new members for its upcoming spring concert season.

Singers interested in joining the BCCC may do so for personal enrichment or academic credit. For registration information, contact KCC’s Grahl Center campus in Coldwater at 517-278-3300.

The first rehearsal of the spring season is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 25, at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, located at 27 East Chicago St. in Coldwater. Rehearsals will be held at 6:30 p.m. every Tuesday through May.

While there is no formal audition process required to join the BCCC, prospective choir members are asked to meet with the director for a vocal assessment prior to the start of the rehearsal process. This is merely a vocal placement assessment to ensure that each singer is in the correct voicing.

Dr. Gerald Case-Blanchard, professor of vocal music and music area coordinator at KCC, said there are openings available in all voice parts for the Spring 2022 concert season.

“If you have a passion for singing and a willingness to learn, then the BCCC has a place for you,” Case-Blanchard said.

The chorus is accompanied by Nancy D. Brown.

Please note: All rehearsals and concerts follow safety protocols required by the College, including shortened exposure time in rehearsal, air filtration, masks and social distancing for all parties. Special face masks designed specifically for singers are available free of charge for all choir members.

For more information about the BCCC in general, contact Case-Blanchard atcase-blanchardg@kellogg.eduor visitkellogg.edu/branch.

Performing arts grants may be available to those who have participated in the choir for two consecutive semesters and who have met all requirements.

About the Branch County Community Chorus

Branch County Community合唱团于2001-02学年秋季成立,是一个“小镇和礼服”合奏,可制作高级音乐会表演。会员资格向任何希望与该小组一起唱歌的人开放。在2004年成为BCCC董事的Gerald Case-Blanchard博士的领导下,合唱团大大扩展了其曲目,不仅包括传统的古典曲目(包括Bach,Handel,Mozart等人的作品),而且还包括爵士乐,表演音乐,世界音乐,精神,歌剧合唱等等。在2006-07的音乐会季节,BCCC开始了半年度合唱巡回演出计划。此后,合唱团在国内和国际上巡回演出,在伊利诺伊州,宾夕法尼亚州,印第安纳州,马萨诸塞州,密歇根州,明尼苏达州,纽约,俄亥俄州,俄亥俄州和威斯康星州举行音乐会。2012年夏天,BCCC参加了其首届欧洲音乐会巡回演唱会,在爱尔兰的科克,都柏林和马拉希德举行了音乐会。合唱团于2014年夏季返回欧洲,在意大利阿马尔菲海岸的城镇举行音乐会。

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