凯洛格社区学院的student Tech Club,Societus Technica,will be selling custom carved jack-o’-lanterns, pre-carved jack-o’-lanterns and gutted uncarved pumpkins during the group’s annualPumpkin Fundraiser下周。


南瓜可以由公众,KCC的学生和KCC员工购买小型或大小的员工,筹款活动的收益将于俱乐部每年的礼物和圣诞节的礼物和晚餐,在圣诞节期间通过Santa’s Helper.

Prices for each pumpkin are as follows:

  • 定制雕刻的Jack-O’-Lanterns:7美元(小)或9美元(大)
  • 预雕刻的Jack-O’Lanterns:5美元(小)或7美元(大)
  • Gutted uncarved pumpkins: $5 (small) or $5 (large)

KCC’s Tech Club is the oldest student club on campus. It is open to any KCC student with an interest in science and technology professions. The club strives to increase student awareness by highlighting the need for technicians to stay up to date on current advancements in technology.

For more information, contact道格·曼(Doug Mann),技术俱乐部顾问和计算机辅助的起草和设计教授,网址为mannd@kellogg.edu。

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