Frequently Asked Questions

Recruitment is a process in which unaffiliated gentlemen sample various fraternities and decide which, if any, of those organizations they would like to be a part of. Importantly, it is also a time for the organizations to sell their values and identities to prospective members.

At Northwestern, recruitment is delayed, meaning that freshman are not allowed to receive "bids" (invitations to become an associate member) during the Fall Quarter. There is also a period called "Freshman Freeze" which lasts from new student week until the Sunday after the second week of classes. During this period, first year students are not allowed to enter fraternity houses or participate in any fraternity events. Recruitment week occurs during the first week of Winter Quarter. During this week, fraternities push for the students they like to join their fraternity. It is also a good time for unaffiliated gentlemen to explore all of their options.

Membership in Delta Chi will actually provide you with more opportunities to academically develop, through relationships with other high-performing students from a multitude of different majors. This opportunity has helped many members significantly improve their quarterly and cumulative GPA’s. During Winter Quarter 2013 and Spring Quarter 2013, Delta Chi ranked #1 among all fraternities on campus in GPA, with a quarterly average GPA of 3.61 and 3.55, respectively. If you are a Northwestern student looking to continue to academically develop and improve, the brothers of Delta Chi are happy to help you continue our tradition of academic excellence.

As with many groups, what you get out of your fraternity experience will be directly related to what you put into it. Delta Chi allows flexibility for its members to contribute only when they are motivated and able, and we support them when they do not have the time available. Therefore, there will be a place for you no matter the time that you have free to spend at Delta Chi. Members never feel as though their time has been taken away by their responsibility to their fraternity. Being in a fraternity is fun!

The answer is no. As the first fraternity to abolish "Hell Week" in 1929, Delta Chi has proven that it can foster deeply rooted relationships without hazing its new members at all. We are proud of this policy and encourage you to examine its results first hand.

Delta Chi's dues are below the all fraternity average. We pride ourselves on being as efficient as possible with our money. In fact, a brother paying social dues and living in the house will actually save money compared to the average dorm-living Northwestern student. Moreover, one can think of dues to the fraternity as an investment that they have made to a larger pool of money that can then be used to do activities that one would never be able to do alone or with a smaller group of friends. Be assured that we will never let financial strain prevent someone from becoming or remaining a member of Delta Chi. We deal with these issues all the time and will construct a plan to fit your needs.

A Greek letter organization encompasses all of the interests of any college student. There are high quality, plentiful opportunities for philanthropy, athletics, academic enrichment, social development, professional networking and friendships that will last forever. It is nearly impossible to cite any club that offers the same opportunities.

As proof, the following statistics indicate the value that a Greek experience often has on graduates later in life.

  • Nationally, 71% of all Greeks graduate, while only about 50% of non-Greeks graduate
  • The All Greek GPA is higher than the overall collegiate GPA
  • Since 1920, 85% supreme Court Justices have been Greek
  • 85% of the Fortune 500 key executives are Greek
  • Of the nation's 50 largest corporations, 43 are headed by Greeks
  • All but two Presidents since 1825 have been Greek
  • 70% of the U.S. Presidents' cabinet members since 1900 have been Greek
  • 76% of U.S. Senators are Greek
  • Over 85% of student leaders on 730 campuses are members of Greek letter organizations
  • Less than 2% of an average college students expenses go towards Greek membership dues

Some of the many advantages of Delta Chi membership are listed below:

  • You will find a bond with other gentlemen vastly different from yourself that you would otherwise have never achieved.
  • You will have an opportunity to build something bigger than yourself through inter-Greek work, philanthropy, or just day to day activities.
  • You will get to attend incredible social events like date parties, sorority exchanges, formals, and all types of other social events.
  • You will have opportunity for leadership soon after you are initiated. All members of Delta Chi are contributing members on a committee of their interest. Whatever your interest, there will be a place for you to make your mark and thrive at Delta Chi.
  • You will form a network of brothers and alumni that will always be there to support and guide you.
  • You will have a great time!

We are one of the most involved student groups on campus. Delta Chi's are the leaders of many campus groups, from Dance Marathon to club sports teams. Here are some of the activities that our members are a part of.

  • Sheil Catholic Center Kairos retreat program
  • North By Northwestern
  • Institute for Student Business Education
  • Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers
  • Undergraduate RTVF Student Association
  • Wildcat Welcome Peer Advisors
  • WNUR Sports
  • MSAB
  • Club Water Polo
  • Associated Student Government
  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  • Freshman Urban Program Counselor
  • CATalyst pre-Wildcat Welcome Counselor
  • Northwestern Solar Car Team
  • Residential College Executive Boards
  • Northwestern Marching Band
  • Kabigan (Filipino Club)
  • Northwestern Mini-Baja Car Team
  • Model UN
  • Northwestern Homecoming Committee
  • Applause For a Cause
  • Taiwanese American Student Club
  • Spoon Magazine
  • Relay for Life Public Relations
  • SHAPE (Sexual Health and Assault Peer Education)
  • Panini Players
  • PLAYground
  • Theatre Stands with Autism
  • Waa-Mu Show
  • X-Factors A Cappella
  • Northwestern Business Review
  • Happiness Club
  • Globemed
  • Global Architecture Brigades
  • GSW Facilitors
  • Club Baseball
  • Northwestern Homecoming Committee
  • And many other activities...